#4 Fire Breathing Magic Awesome Head: Book 1, Ch 13-17

In the fourth episode of The Boy Who Hasn't Lived, CJ and Arlie talk about chapters 13-17 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. CJ has now read an entire Harry Potter book! CJ is now normal.

This week we talk about our favourite characters from the first book, whether the Forbidden Forest is an appropriate location for a detention, and whether or not Snape is evil. (He is. He isn't. He is. He... isn't? He is. Or is he?) Plus, there's a heated debate over which body part is most ideal to host a disembodied dark wizard, and CJ reveals whether they still identify as a muggle. 

As promised in the episode, here is CJ modelling their new scarf, plus, their workings for the potions challenge...


If you want to read along with CJ, in the next episode we will have watched the first Harry Potter movie.

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